What Is Trugraf?

A non-invasive blood test that relies on measuring expression levels of many genes to accurately classify patients as likely to be immune activated and potentially rejecting, or immune quiescent and stable.

Why Is Trugraf Testing So Beneficial?

TruGraf is the first non-invasive test of immunosuppressive adequacy validated for use on patients with stable renal function (normal serum creatinine). TruGraf results enable your clinician to determine if something is wrong BEFORE damage to your kidney has progressed to the point that you’re experiencing renal dysfunction, and without subjecting you to a protocol biopsy.

TruGraf can be run at any time, 24/7/365.

TruGraf can reduce the number of biopsies you receive over the life of your kidney and enable early intervention if problems are detected, all of which may extend graft life.

How Do You Get Access to the Benefits of Trugraf Testing?

Your doctor can contact Transplant Genomics and complete a patient requisition form.
A TruGraf blood collection kit and completed requisition form will be mailed to your home.
You can then go to your transplant center or a Quest or LabCorp patient service center near you, just as you do for all your other routine blood work. After your blood is drawn the kit is mailed to TGI’s certified lab, the sample is analyzed, and a report sent to your doctor for review.